Distractions From My Novel

May 10

Bookish Nose -

My newest project:  Bookish Nose.  A reverie on reading and the reading lifestyle.

Nov 18

The Musings and Amusements -

I think I’m going to give the novel a break so I can fully develop it in my mind.  I won’t write in this blog as much anymore, but the good news is that I’m starting my humor blog again to better refine my humorous writing. Check it out!

My Novel’s Word Count: 6,943 words.

Nov 14


Nov 12

At my part-time job I listen to Pandora when I’m working on the computer.  The music it plays adapts to musicians and preferences I’ve entered, so when I say that I like the band Fujiya & Miyagi, it should play more music with qualities similar to Fujiya & Miyagi.

For the last few months I’ve been liking and disliking songs Pandora has been playing for me, so the music it plays should be more and more accurate with my music preferences.  And for some reason, Jewel and Sarah McLachlan songs are creeping into my playlist.  Pandora, is this what you think of me?  What kind of preferences am I feeding you?!?

My Novel’s Word Count: 6,788 words.

Nov 11

“Being obsessed with deficit reduction when the economy has suffered its largest setback since the Depression is like being obsessed with water conservation when your house is on fire.” —

—Daniel Gross, "Deficit Hawks Ignore the Economy’s Good News"

My Novel’s Word Count: 6,537 words.

Nov 09

Since I’m too tired to write in the evenings after work, my new strategy is to wake up an hour early each morning and dedicate that hour to writing.

This strategy will be either a major victory or a major disaster.  Yeesh.

My Novel’s Word Count: 6,497 words.

Nov 08


Nov 03

Bob Herbert: Constraining America's Brightest -

From the article:

…The gloomy outlook that this economy is offering so many of America’s brightest young people is not just disconcerting, it’s a cultural shift, a harbinger. ‘Attention,’ as the wife of a fictional salesman once said, ‘must be paid.’

My Novel’s Word Count: 6,497 words.

Oct 30

With all the distractions in the world that takes you away from writing, your word processor shouldn’t be one.  There are many applications for Windows and Mac that provide “distraction-free writing” environment, which is a screen completely filled by text and a black background.  That way, you can concentrate entirely on your text without a Mozilla Firefox or AIM icon staring at you, tempting you, waiting for you to graze it with a finger and pull you away from your work.  Here’s an example of a distraction-free writing program.

For Windows there are free programs like Write Monkey and Dark Room that can give you the distraction-free fix you need.  For Mac there’s the free JDarkRoom and the $25 Writeroom (though I highly recommend downloading an old, free version of Writeroom, Writeroom 1.0, from here).  Also, search online for a bunch of tricks to transform Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or whatever into something more deliberate.

Now if only there were software to cover the Earth in a black, noise-deadening shroud…

My Novel’s Word Count: 6,497 words.

Oct 29

WSJ: Lawyerese Goes Galactic as Contracts Try to Master the Universe -

From the article:

James O’Toole, politics editor of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, recently signed a release form for WQED, a PBS TV station in Pittsburgh, before he appeared on a news talk show. The contract allows the TV station to make use of “any incidents” of his life and reproduce his image or voice “throughout the universe in perpetuity, in any and all media now known or hereinafter devised.”

Mr. O’Toole, who says he didn’t bother to read the release before signing it, took the news calmly. “I’m very popular in some of the far reaches of the Milky Way,” he says. Even so, he says, “I don’t think I’ve missed out on a lot of potential income.”

My Novel’s Word Count: 6,497 words.